About Me

Throughout my years of trading I faced many obstacles and have had to deal with many setbacks. I have had to face many of the common issues that a lot of traders go through. I have learnt to hone in over the last 6 years, on the most common issues that we as traders face. This became evident to me after consistently applying myself and overcoming numerous obstacles. Unfortunately I was too proud in the beginning to look for support from mentors, I would spend countless days and nights reading books, watching YouTube, and blowing accounts. My ultimate aim is to take all my years of experience and help traders come to a better understanding of the process in a simplified yet systematic approach.

Why Learn with RockzFX Academy

I created the RockzFX Academy to help traders learn a proven strategy, to eliminate bad habits and help Identify common issues. I give every member of the RockFX Academy as much time as time allows me to answer your questions, analyse your results wins or loses, help you adjust your mindset and build stepping stones to help you become the best trader you can be. I am not just a mentor, but also a friend. If you are truly ready to take your trading to a new level, then you have come to the right place.

Our Vision

We believe trading is a way out for those willing to work hard. I believe if you apply yourself and make it simple, then this is an opportunity you cannot overlook. The RockzFX Academy has been made easy to master and can be used within the Forex market. This is truly unique because we believe it's the process that makes the difference and not whether you have hundreds or thousands to start with. Each and every student has adopted and embraced the RockzFX mindset with a simple approach to the markets, focusing on market structure and price action. The RockzFX way of teaching will show you how to truly maximise your trading results and eventually leads you to the results you been looking for.